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For most of England and Wales, the Bona Vacantia Division of the Government Legal Department is responsible for dealing with bona vacantia assets on behalf of the Crown. If no heirs to an estate can be found then the assets are realised and the balance is transferred to HM Treasury. The division deals only with solvent estates whose net valueNo values are guaranteed, our analysis is provided by the BVTSOL posted information and carries no warranty. Values of estates being claimed are released only when a valid claim has been lodged and accepted by TSOL. tsol bona vacantia estates

TSols Bona Vacantia Department becomes the executor of the estate. 9. Details of the estates administered by TSol are available online. 1 TSol does not provide all the information it holds about the deceased, but provides identifying information such as name, date of birth and place of death.

To protect the Crown against such losses, the Treasury Solicitor retains a set percentage of all bona vacantia estates as a form of insurance. The current rate is 5 and has been set at a level which reflects the Treasury Solicitor's past experience of late claims by entitled relatives. Email: This information is Bona Vacantia means vacant goods and is the name given to ownerless property, which by law passes to the Crown. The Treasury Solicitor acts for the Crown to administer the estates of peopletsol bona vacantia estates The current list of unclaimed Estates for deceased persons in England& Wales is below. Latest Unclaimed Estates list: See the full list here or click on a Name for further information

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Referring cases to the Treasury Solicitor (BV) A guide for local authorities and hospitals. The Estates Group of TSols Bona Vacantia Division administers the estates of tsol bona vacantia estates The Bona Vacantia Division advertises the estates of deceased persons for kin to identify their own entitlement. The list available below contains all unclaimed estates held by the Bona Vacantia Division which are both newly advertised and historic (which were previously available in The Empty Homes Conference 2014 Bona Vacantia Tuesday 20th May 2014 Presentation by Mark Neale To encourage easier and faster referral of cases and make you aware of your role in referring cases to BV. TSol 3 What is Bona Vacantia? Latin for ownerless goods 2 main categories of BV: Welcome to the Bona Vacantia, Estates Bona Vacantia and Government Legal Department. Contents. Estates where the 30 year time limit from the date of death has expired are also removed. 16 June 2017 Daily update of the We apply the following exemptions to the release of any further information about public health funerals, people who have died with no known next of kin, bona vacantia estates and estates which have been referred to the Treasury Solicitor, or Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall:

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