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Triangulation occurs when there are three companies involved in successive transactions, with a single movement of goods, and they are VAT registered in three different EU member states. In such a scenario, the standard EU VAT legislation would require that at least two of the three parties be VAT registered in the same country for theMore complicated scenarios. If it is the A to B supply, then As supply takes place in France and each of the subsequent supplies take place in the UK. However, if it were the C to D supply, this would mean that A, B and Cs supplies all took place in France. The likelihood in these circumstances is that A and B will be registered for VAT in France vat triangulation examples

Triangulation does away with these requirements. To avoid creating a need for many companies to be structured in this way, Triangulation simplification was created via the EU VAT legislation (which is implemented across all MS) so, in this example, UKco is not

Triangulation is a simplification measure to reduce the administrative and compliance burdens on traders and the tax authorities. It is designed to reduce the administrative and compliance burdens associated with registering and accounting for VAT. The simplified triangulation rules do not apply if party B is registered for VAT in the EU country of dispatch andor established in the EU country of arrival, however not all EU countries apply this rule strictly and there are in practice many country specific requirements.vat triangulation examples Example of EU VAT Triangulation It occurs when there are three companies involved in a single supply of goods, and they are all in three different EU countries. For example, a French company with a French VAT registration sells some goods to a German customer, but the French company first has to buy the goods from a Spanish supplier prior to shipment directly to the Germany customer.

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VAT Buying and selling goods and services within the EU. Alex Millar FMAAT CTA AIIT. Director AM VAT Limited. 1 May 2014. VAT Buying and selling goods three parties are registered for VAT. Example 3 Triangulation Kim uses a Spanish business to provide her UK vat triangulation examples VAT and triangulation Provided the criteria for triangulation are met, and the procedures shown followed, it works out that: the original UK supplier can zero rate the sale to the Limerick company (showing it's Eire VAT number on the invoice); B issues an invoice to C without charging VAT endorsing it with the words VAT Simplification Invoice B should report the supply to C on its Recapitulative Statement quoting C s identification number and the code (T) to denote a triangulation operation. VAT is commonly expressed as a percentage of total cost. For example, if a product costs 100 and there is a 15 VAT, the consumer pays 115 to the merchant. The merchant keeps 100 and remits 15 to the government. A VAT system is often confused with a national sales tax. While VAT triangulation is an extensively used facility in respect of intraEU goods supplies, it fails when an additional intermediary enters the chain. Take the following two scenarios as examples. The first is a threeparty standard and fully compliant triangulation.

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