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Porter's Generic Strategies with examples. Cost Leadership Strategy Aiming to become Lowest Cost Producer The firm can compete on the price with every other industries and earn higher unit profits. Cost reduction provides the focus of the organisations strategy. Targets a broad market. Competitive advantage is achieved by driving down costs. AAccording to Arthur Thompson and A. J. Strickland in Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, there are five competitive strategies you should consider: A lowcost leader strategy: striving to be the overall lowcost provider of a product or service that appeals to a broad range of customers (a couple of examples are Sams Club and Southwest Airlines). generic competitive strategy example

Competitive strategies involve taking offensive or defensive actions to create a defendable position in the industry. Generic strategies can help the organization to cope with the five competitive forces in the industry and do better than other organization in the industry. Generic strategies

Generic Strategies. These three approaches are examples of generic strategies, because they can be applied to products or services in all industries, and to organizations of all sizes. They were first set out by Michael Porter in 1985 in his book, Competitive Advantage: Creating and (Generic Business Strategies, 2010) A focused strategy based on low cost aims at securing a competitive advantage by serving consumers in the target market niche at a lower costs and a lower price than rival competitors.generic competitive strategy example Five Generic Competitive Strategies 1. The Five Generic Competitive Strategies PRESENTATION BY OMKAR, VIJAY AND DILLESHWAR 2. The Five Generic Competitive Strategies LowCost Provider Strategy Broad Differentiation Strategy Focused Low Cost Strategy Focused Differentiation Strategy BestCost Provider Strategy 3.

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Four Generic Strategies That Strategic Business Units Use. Your companys attractiveness in its industry is a primary determinant of its profitability. Location within that industry comes in at a close second. According to the Quick MBA website, Even though an industry may have belowaverage profitability, a firm that is optimally positioned can generic competitive strategy example Differentiation Strategy. For example, a company that produces dental drills that make no sound could market itself to dentists as a silent drill that helps reduce the fear that patients have when they hear that drill sound. If your business is able to differentiate its products or services in the minds of buyers, The Generic Competitive Strategy That You Selected For Your Company. B. Discuss the generic competitive strategy that you selected for your company. Include the following in your discussion: what actions were built into your strategic plan to achieve competitive and financial success with that strategy. Why you selected the strategy you used. The Generic Competitive Strategy (GCS) is a methodology designed to provide companies with a strategic plan to compete and gain an advantage within the marketplace. According to Porter, a company can leverage its strengths to position itself within the competition.

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