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Being able to define and identify a qualitative variable is key to understanding statistics. Learn what a qualitative variable is, how it can be described, and review examples.How can the answer be improved? qualitative variable examples

Qualitative Versus Quantitative. A variable is a characteristic of an object. Their values may occur more than once for a set of data. We consider just two main types of variables in this course. Quantitative Variables Variables whose values result from counting or measuring something.

Quantitative Variable Examples. There are two types of data: qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative data differs in amount, or quantity; qualitative data differs in type or quality. Examples of quantitative data are those that can be measured with an ordinal or ratio scale. Qualitative Examples By YourDictionary Qualitative pertains to the description of something using our senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. It does not refer to aspects that can be numbered or measured. Qualitative aspects are subjective and abstract qualities, not objective or concrete factors.qualitative variable examples Qualitative Variable. Variables can be classified as categorical (aka, qualitative) or quantitative (aka, numerical). . Categorical. Categorical variables take on values that are names or labels. The color of a ball (e. g. , red, green, blue) or the breed of a dog (e. g. , collie, shepherd, terrier) would be examples of categorical variables.

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Examples of quantitative variables include height and weight, while examples of qualitative variables include hair color, religion and gender. Quantitative variables are often represented in units of measurement, and qualitative variables are represented in nonnumerical terms. The difference qualitative variable examples Qualitative variables are those with no natural or logical order. While scientists often assign a number to each, these numbers are not meaningful in any way. Examples of qualitative variables include things such as color, shape or pattern. For instance, if scientists were studying a group of people qualitative variable. A qualitative variable is a variable that expresses a quality. Values do not have numerical meaning and cannot be ordered numerically. Height, mass, age, and shoe size would all be measured in terms of numbers. So, these categories do not contain qualitative data.

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