Examples of non contraband goods

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A prohibited item ('contraband') is anything introduced or found in a prison that is not permitted. It is a criminal offence to bring any form of contraband onto prison property. Prohibited items vary depending on whether the prison is maximum, medium or minimum security. The following items are prohibited in all prisons: weaponsBy Joe Bouchard. Contraband is commonly defined as goods prohibited by law from being imported or exported. There are many different kinds of contraband, including homemade weapons, gambling paraphernalia, excessively metered envelopes, weapons, drugs, food, and whatnot. examples of non contraband goods

See more synonyms for contraband on Thesaurus. com. noun. anything prohibited by law from being imported or exported. goods imported or exported illegally. illegal or prohibited trade; smuggling. International Law. contraband of war. (during the American Civil War) a black slave who escaped to or was brought within the Union lines.

Neutral goods, with the exception of contraband of war, are not liable to capture under enemy's flag. The cubbyhole was hanging open and so was the ashtray, neither of which I ever use unless I am transporting contraband. Many of the goods she sells are contraband items smuggled in from The Gambia. Nigeria Customs List of Banned Imported Goods in Nigeria by Chibuike Ogbuanu on May 19, 2015 with 4 Comments I just finished reading an article on ChannelsTVs blog that the Nigeria Customs Service impounded contraband goods worth N250 million naira!examples of non contraband goods Contraband is defined as goods that are against the law to trade or to be imported or exported, or goods that are smuggled or a slave during the Civil War who was behind the Union lines. An example of contraband are drugs being carried across country borders.

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contraband illegal traffic in such goods; smuggling. Also called: contraband of war international law goods that a neutral country may not supply to a belligerent. (during the American Civil War) a Black slave captured by the Union forces or one who escaped to the Union lines. examples of non contraband goods How can the answer be improved? Examples. On the other hand, Israel (and Egypt) has also shut down much of the noncontraband supply of goods and necessities intoGaza. The Volokh Conspiracy Pollak on Uniquely Israeli Stupidity In many special treaties the list of contraband and noncontraband commodities is given, and the practice of states is extremely various. Jul 06, 2010 This Site Might Help You. RE: What exactly is contraband? Is it stolen goods or illegal goods? What are some examples of contraband? I heard those wide contact lenses Lady Gaga wears as contraband. Contraband refers to goods that are taken into or out of a country illegally. The ship was found not to be carrying any contraband. Most of the city markets were flooded with contraband goods.

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