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Will or Intestacy when no compensation has been paid to the estate. Gift between spouse and spouse. Gift between parent and child. To a State agency from a unit of local government, volunteer fire department, or volunteer rescue squad North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles:STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA File No. In the General Court Of Justice. Before The Clerk County IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF. INHERITANCE AND ESTATE. TAX CERTIFICATION (FOR DECEDENTS DYING PRIOR TO JANUARY 1, 1999) state of north carolina estate tax certification

North Carolina law requires the Department of Revenue to provide a certification and continuing education program for county assessors and appraisers. The following table may be used to verify data in our records for those individuals. If you believe the data in this table is incorrect, please notify Chelsie Cornelius in the Property Tax Section by email at

Estate Tax Certification (For Decedents Dying On Or After 1199): This is an official form from the North Carolina Administration of the Courts (AOC), which complies with all applicable laws and statutes. The following properties are being offered for sale by North Carolina State Government. For more information, please download the associated pdf from the list below.state of north carolina estate tax certification North Carolina taxpayers are choosing a faster, more convenient way to file their State and Federal individual income tax returns by electronically filing. Register a Business There are many reasons you may need to register a business with NCDOR.

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Property Tax Exclusion (G. S. . 1C) NAME (Print or Type) SURVIVING SPOUSE'S FULL NAME (PRINT OR TYPE) DISABLED VETERAN'S FULL NAME (PRINT OR TYPE) SECTION 1 State of North Carolina U. S. DEPT. OF VETERANS AFFAIRS FILE NUMBER VETERAN'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (If Applicable) Certification for Disabled Veteran's state of north carolina estate tax certification 1. Complete this form. 2. Submit this form. 3. Print, complete and mail the Certification Request Payment Form with your payment. The North Carolina estate tax was repealed effective as of the 2013 tax year. Other North Carolina tax facts North Carolina taxpayers can check the status of their state returns online. NC. gov is the official website of North Carolina. Find state agencies and contacts, learn about North Carolina and about NC state government. Get basic info about how to start a business. It's Tax Time. File and pay your North Carolina taxes online. Driving in Winter Weather. Tips to help keep you safe on the road. Services and Information North Carolina estate& inheritance taxes guide on estate tax rates, laws, the gift tax, state tax forms, estate planning and paying taxes for deaths in NC. Forums Blogs News. About Us Sign Up Login. Home State& Local Government North Carolina Taxes Guide. North Carolina.

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