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pitiful is a sentence for you are so pitiful when you do that saachi For all our good work down the left we looked pitiful down the right. (verb) Those in richer countries pity the people who live in povertynoun plural pities. sympathy or sorrow felt for the sufferings of another. have pity on or take pity on to have sympathy or show mercy for. something that causes regret or pity. an unfortunate chancewhat a pity you can't come. more's the pity it is highly regrettable (that) pitied example sentence

He pitied the ineffectuality of Septimus with the kind yet halfcontemptuous pity of the strong man with a fine nature. Science is inclined to charitably label this specimen of man a sort of a physiologic puzzle, to be as much pitied as blamed.

Sentence Examples. And when at last it is perceived that such pity cannot lead to effectual succor, common sense bids the soul be rid of it. For she saw in his eyes love, which no woman can mistake, and a thousand tons of regret and remorse, which aroused pity, which is perilously near to love requited. But still he pitied Prince Andrew to the point of tears and sympathized with his wounded pride, and the more he pitied his friend the more did he think with contempt and even with disgust of that Natasha who had just passed him in the ballroom with such a look of cold dignity.pitied example sentence How to use pity in a sentence. Example sentences with the word pity. pity example sentences.

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English words and Examples of Usage Heroditus once remarked that it is a much better thing to be envied than to be pitied. In Burma, to be without children is considered Academic English Words List and Example Sentences Example sentences with the pity, a sentence example for pity, and how to make pity in sample pitied example sentence Answers. com Categories Literature& Language Languages and Cultures English Language Definitions Example Sentences How do you use the word pitied in a sentence? so an example of a sentence She pitied herself, that lowest ebb of melancholy selfconsciousness. She is to be pitiedshe cannot either like or dislike with temper! The men I had to deal with were more to be pitied than blamed. It's us that's left behind that's to be pitied, not them that goes. Christ pitied because He loved, because He saw through all the wretchedness, and darkness, and bondage of evil; that there was in every human soul a possibility of repentance, of restoration; a germ of good, which, however stifled and overlaid, yet was capable of recovery, of health, of freedom, of perfection. arthur penrhyn stanley P. 58. Sofi pitied the beautiful woman as a stricken look crossed her features. For a moment, Deidre pitied them. Richard had her put to public penance, but the people pitied her for her loveliness and womanly patience; her husband was dead, and now in poverty and disgrace she became a prisoner in London.

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