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Activities. Create a Bash script which will take 2 numbers as command line arguments. It will print to the screen the larger of the two numbers. Create a Bash script which will accept a file as a command line argument and analyse it in certain ways. eg. you could check if the file is executable or writable.4 Bash If Statement Examples ( If then fi, If then else fi, If elif else fi, Nested if ) These statements are used to execute different parts of your shell program depending on whether certain conditions are true. The ability to branch makes shell scripts powerful. In Bash, we if condition example in bash script

This question is a sequel of sorts to my earlier question. The users on this site kindly helped me determine how to write a bash for loop that iterates over string values. For example, suppose th

The ifeliffi statement is the one level advance form of control statement that allows Shell to make correct decision out of several conditions. if [ expression Bash Else If Bash elif is used to extend if statement functionality to execute multiple branching conditions. Syntax: if; then elif; then else fi Learn the syntax and usage of else if in conjunction with if statement, with the help of Example Bash Scripts.if condition example in bash script In this Bash Tutorial, we have learnt conditional branching in the sequential flow of execution of statements with bash if statement and example shell scripts. Previous Next Download Bash IF conditional statement in PDF

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How to Write IFStatements in a BashScript. Search. Search the site GO. Linux. Guides& Tutorials Basics How to Write IFStatements in a BashScript Commands, Syntax, and Examples. Share Pin Email Print public domain Linux. Guides& Tutorials A Beginners Guide To BASH Conditions if condition example in bash script 8 examples of Bash if statements to get you started. Benjamin Cane. Jan 27, 2014 Using our bash script example, In the above example we want to exit the script if either of these conditions are true, that is exactly what OR provides for us. The use of else if condition is little different in bash than other programming language. elif is used to define else if condition in bash. Create a file named, elseifexample. sh and add the following script to check how else if is defined in bash script. 6. 2 Sample: Basic conditional example if. . then# ! binbash if [ foo foo ; then echo expression evaluated as true fi The code to be executed if the expression within braces is true can be found after the 'then' word and before 'fi' which indicates the end of the conditionally executed code. 5 BASH Scripting Conditional Statements (ifthen, else, elif) by Shusain Published October 10, 2017 Updated June 5, 2018 Welcome guys to our 5 th tutorials in BASH scripting series (

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