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How can the answer be improved?Coffee, jujubes, olives, peaches and cherries are all examples of drupes. Drupes are fruits with three layers: the outer skin, the fleshy middle layer and the hard inner layer containing the seed. The word drupe comes from the Latin word drupa, which means wrinkled olive. Keep Learning. fleshy fruit example

Examples of Fruit. Fruits can be fleshy like tomatoes or peaches, or they can be dry like coconuts or peanuts. They can have many seeds in them like cantaloupe and watermelon, or they can have one single seed in them like avocados, almonds, and cherries. Fruits may be very large, like pumpkins, or very small, like blueberries.

The fruit is covered by a fleshy thalamus, which is the edible part, example apple, pear etc. Hesperidium: This is a fleshy fruit, developed from a superior polycarpellary syncarpous, multilocular ovary with axile placentation. Fleshy Simple Fruits. Drupe fruit has a pit. Examples include cherry, peach and coffee. In some examples, coconut and almond are good, it is often sold just the pit in the store as people love to eat the seed rather than the fleshy layers of fruits.fleshy fruit example In addition, a simple fruit is either fleshy or dry. Fleshy fruits are often edible and are seen in the fresh fruit and vegetable section of your local super market. Fleshy fruits include the berry, drupe, pome, pepo, and hesperidium.

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The fruit is oblong, fleshy and contains one very hard seed which is deeply furrowed on the inside. The fruit is a kind of drupe, the fleshy husk of which is the dilated receptacular tube, while the twovalved stone represents the two carpels. fleshy fruit example 12 rows  Apples, avocados, pears or watermelons are all examples of fleshy fruits. Botanists define These are simple fruits with fleshy pericarp. The simple succulent fruits are of 3 types drupe, pome and berrie. 1. Drupe: The pericarp or fruit wall is differentiated into thin epicarp (skin) fleshy mesocarp and stony endocarp. Hence. it is also called as stone fruit, Apples are one of the most commonly consumed fleshy fruits. Drupes. Drupes have a thin exocarp, thick mesocarp and a hard endocarp which safeguards the seed within. People eat only the exocarp and mesocarp of a drupe. Some of the examples of drupe fruits are peach, coconut, plum, walnut, cherry, apricots, nectarine and pecan.

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