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The same above formula can also be used if we had the annual returns and wanted to calculate the holding period return for the multiple period. For example, lets say that our investment had a price appreciation of 10, 8, and 6 over the three year period. The HPR can be calculated as follows: HPR [(1 0. 10)(10. 08)(10. 06) 1 11. 67.Figuring Bond Return. If you've held a bond over a long period of time, you might want to calculate its annual percent return, or the percent return divided by the number of years you've held the investment. For instance, a 1, 000 bond held over three years with a 145 return has a 14. 5 percent return, but a 4. 83 percent annual return. holding period return bond example

The formula for the holding period return yield of bonds, therefore, is quite simple: If you still own the bond, use the current market price of the bond instead of the selling price to determine the current holding period return yield of your bond. Example. Assume you purchased a 10year, 5, 000 bond

The holding period yield is the rate of return including dividends and interest realized on an investment. The calculation is relatively easy to know. The calculation is relatively easy to know. The holding period return is the total return from income and asset appreciation over a period of time expressed as a percentage. The holding period return formula is: Fred purchased shares in the Big Blue fund four years ago for 5, 000. The shares are worth 10, 000 today.holding period return bond example How do I calculate the holding period return with adjusted closing price? What is the difference between an excepted return and a total holding period return? How do investors measure the rate of return

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Calculating the Annual Period Yield. For example, if your holding period return is 15 percent, add 1 to 0. 15 to get 1. 15. Then, if you held the stock for four years, divide 1 by 4 to get 0. 25. Finally, raise 1. 15 to the 0. 25th power to find your annual period return is 1. 036, or about 3. 6 percent. holding period return bond example Example of Holding Period Return Formula. An example of the holding period return formula would be an investment in an asset that has an annual appreciation of 10, 5, and 2 over three years. As stated in the prior section, simply adding the annual appreciation of each year together would be inaccurate as Holding Period Return. Holding period return is the total return earned on an investment over its whole holding period expressed as a percentage of the initial value of the investment. It is calculated as the sum of total return (i. e. capital gain (i. e. ending value of investment minus opening value of investment) and any interest or dividends) Returns for regular time periods such as quarters or years can be converted to a holding period return through the following formula: (1 HPR) (1 r1) x (1 r2) x (1 r3) x (1 r4) where r1, r2, r3 and r4 are periodic returns. Thus, HPR [(1 r1) x (1 r2) x (1 r3) x (1 r4) 1. Next Up. Annualized Total Return. Total Return. For example, if you purchased a bond last month at 943 and its face value is now 958, your holding period return would be: (958 943)943 or 1. 6 Annualizing Your HPR The limitation of the HPR calculation is that it doesn't take into account how long you have held the investment.

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