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Examples of ethnic in a Sentence. Adjective. The U. S. has a wide variety of ethnic groups made up of immigrants or their descendants. children who were raised in a home where there was a strong ethnic consciousness. Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective.Contemporary Examples. of ethnic. But a 2011 study of genetic evidence from 30 ethnic groups in India disproved this theory. The Himalayas Hidden Aryans. Nina Strochlic. January 3, 2015. He proposed among other things that police departments must better reflect the ethnic makeup of the populace. what are ethnic groups examples

Racial, Ethnic, and Minority Groups. Learning Objectives. By the end of this section, you will be able to: These examples illustrate the complexity and overlap of these identifying terms. Ethnicity, like race, continues to be an identification method that individuals and institutions use todaywhether through the census, affirmative

Race and Ethnicity Defined. The most common characteristics distinguishing various ethnic groups are ancestry, a sense of history, language, religion, and forms of dress. Ethnic differences are not inherited; they are learned. Most countries today consist of different ethnic groups. How can the answer be improved?what are ethnic groups examples There are many different ethnic groups and cultures around the world, many of which are built around different aspects of a shared culture. The Arab ethnic group, for example, is defined by

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Ethnic group: Ethnic group, a social group or category of the population that, in a larger society, is set apart and bound together by common ties of race, language, nationality, or culture. Ethnic diversity is one form of the social complexity found in most contemporary societies. Historically it is the legacy what are ethnic groups examples Ethnic groups rely on one of two things. A set of superficial features such as skin color, and or a set of cultural attributes. The big ethnic groups in the US are Asian, White, Black, Hispanic and Native. Largest Ethnic Groups in the United States according to the U. S. Census. 425 rows The following is a list of contemporary ethnic groups. There has been constant debate over the classification of ethnic groups. Membership of an ethnic group tends to be associated with shared cultural heritage, ancestry, history, Home Life Top 10 Largest Ethnic Groups in the World Top 10 Largest Ethnic Groups in the World. 6 years ago by abhishek 0. Ethnic group is that group of people who are known for having a common characteristic. Their common characteristic is only because of the culture or the inheritance that they have been through. Ethnicity is defines as the

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