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U. S. Army Form DA7301R Author: U. S. Army. The first page by Subject: OFFICER SERVICE COMPUTATION FOR RETIREMENT Keywords:USAPA V1. 01ES DA FORM 85R, OCT 2002 DA FORM 85, SEP 62, IS OBSOLETE. SCORECARD FOR M249, M60M240B MACHINE GUNS For use of this form, see FM 322. 68; the proponent agency is da form 7304-r example

5 POINTS PER HIT For use of this form, see FM 2314; the proponent agency is TRADOC SCORECARD FOR M249 AR SEE BACK OF THIS FORM FOR INSTRUCTIONS

The trainer uses DA Form 85R (Scorecard for M249, M60M240B Machine Gun) for recording the gunner's performance on the machine gun qualification range. The instructions for completing the scorecard are on its reverse side. For an example of a completed form, see Figure 423. A blank locally reproducible form is in the back of this manual. da form 7304r, aug 2006. da form 7304r, feb 1994 is obsolete. apd lc v1. 02es. 12. rating scale. total points rating. tot hit pts. 6. na. na. 5. table i, 10m with cbrn. 9. table ii points. scorecard for m249 ar. for use of this form, see fm 322. 68; the proponent agency is tradoc. task. 1. id code 2. unit. 3. lane 4. dateda form 7304-r example DA FORM 3595R, SEP 2008 DA FORM 3595R, JUL 2006, IS OBSOLETE. APD PE v1. 00 (for example, not firing at the 300meter target so an additional round can be fired at the 150meter target). When double targets are exposed, Record Fire Scorecard Created Date:

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Title: da form 7304r, aug 2006 author: apd v1. 00 keywords: scorecard for m249 ar created date: 10: 05: 12 am da form 7304-r example DA FORM 7007R, JUN 1991, IS OBSOLETE. MACHINE GUN SCORECARD FOR M2 For use of this form, see FM 2365, Change 1, or the back of this form. The proponent agency is TRADOC. FM 322. 9 Combined Arms Center ArmyStudyGuide. com provide extensive information about DA through DA 7405 (ArmyStudyGuide. com) Da form 7304 PDF results. U Open document Search by title Preview with Google Docs. Title: u. s. army form da7304r author: Da form 7304r, scorecard for m249 ar da form 7476r, 10meter boresight target. contents 21 july 2006 fm 322. 68 ix figures figure 11. m249 machine gun,

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