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2020-02-20 18:07

In any case StyleCop was made primarily for commercial projects (who typically don't do code headers). In other words ignore or disable the friggen warning. Time and time I have read that StyleCop and FXCop are too nitpicky. I have seen header comments in the following format.This articlecode snippet is use full in managing your code properly. like every class file should contain any comment about auther, created date and other things. This Article contain two code snippet one is C# and other one is Vb. Net. c# class header comment example

This document will discuss creating header comments in C# code file. Coding Standards document and one of the recommendations is to add a file header comment at the

Example compile with: doc: DocFileName. xml text for class TestClass public class TestClass DoWork is a method in the TestClass class. The example tag lets you specify an example of how to use a method or other library member. Commonly, this would involve use of the code tag. exception The exception tag lets you specify which exceptions a class can throw. include The include tag lets you refer to comments in another file that describe the types and members in your source code. This is an alternative to placing documentation commentsc# class header comment example Is there a standard format for entering class header comments for C# like in Apache License for example If so can

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The C# compiler processes documentation comments in your code and formats them as XML in a file whose name you specify in the doc commandline option. To create the final documentation based on the compilergenerated file, you can create a custom tool, or use a tool such as DocFX or Sandcastle. c# class header comment example public ref class Header [System. Serializable public class Header Remarks. Header objects are used to convey information about a remote function call (for example, transaction ID or a method signature). For more information, see Issue Title Leave a comment. Submit feedback. Loading The tag lets you specify an example of how to use a method or other library member. This commonly involves using the tag. Compile with doc to process documentation comments Here's a list of the recommended tags in Visual Studio, and here's a list of C# samples many of which should have XML docs in them. One of the examples in the C# download is XMLDoc and the readme from that starts with the following XML Documentation Sample. This sample shows how to C# Class Header Style [closed Can a C# anonymous class implement an interface? 2208. What are the correct version numbers for C# ? 1458. Proper use of the IDisposable interface. 422. A critic made a comment that my female character sounds like she was written by a man

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