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Date Time. Compare(DateTime, DateTime) Date Time. Compare(DateTime, DateTime) Date Time. Compare(DateTime, DateTime) Date Time. Compare(DateTime, DateTime) Method Definition. Namespace: System System System System Assemblies: Examples. The following example demonstrates the Compare you can compare dates using standard operators (, ) or as mike suggested use CompareDateTime (defined in DateUtils. pas). if you really, really, really need integer use: datetimeasint: Round(ADateTime SecsPerDay) ziolko. compare datetime delphi example

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Mar 30, 2005 RE: datetime comparison Pikkunero (Programmer) 30 Mar 05 05: 17 Now after towerbase's example it seems that you're only checking for positive result of CompareDate function. The EncodeDateTime function generates a TDateTime return value from the passed Year, Month, Day, Hour, Min, Sec and MSec (millisecond) values. The permitted parameter values are: Yearcompare datetime delphi example What is the difference between the two functions IsSameDay and SameDate in the Delphi DateUtils library? Stack Overflow. Log In Sign Up; current community. Stack Overflow Delphi date comparison. How to return only the Date from a SQL Server DateTime datatype. 1537. Compare

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Compare 2 dates, disregarding the time of day. SameDate. Check whether two TDateTime values have the same date part. SameTime. Check whether two TDateTime values have the same time part. SameDateTime. Check whether two TDateTime values have the same date and time parts. compare datetime delphi example To find the fractional number of days between two dates, simply subtract the two values. Likewise, to increment a date and time value by a certain fractional number of days, simply add the fractional number to the date and time value. Example: ShowMessage('Today is ' DateToStr(Date)); Note: CompareDateTime differs from a direct comparison of the corresponding double precision values in that two TDateTime values are considered the same if they have the same value down to the millisecond. It is possible to create two TDateTime values that differ numerically when viewed as doubles, but which represent the same year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and millisecond. For comparing two dates we use DateTime class and if condution. Example 1: Comparing two dates in C# Console. C# compare datetime difference Compare Date in C# Without Time Compare datetime c# greater than Compare Two Date in C# How to Compare Two Dates in if Condition in C# . (Delphi 1. 0 calculated the date from the year 1, so to convert a Delphi 1. 0 date to a Delphi 2. 0 date, use dated2: dated1. 0; The date format was changed to be compatible with OLE 2. 0 Automation. ) So, to get the current date and time, use one of the following functions:

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