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Put file with tftp client in Linux. Ask Question 4. 4. The Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) is normally used: only for booting diskless workstations. The tftp package: provides the user interface for TFTP, which allows users to: transfer files to and from a remote machine. This program: and TFTP provide very little security, andcopy tftp startupconfig tftpipaddr filename Use this command to download a copy of the startup configuration file from a TFTP server to a Layer 2 Switch or Layer 3 Switch. NOTE It is recommended to use a script or the copy runningconfig tftp command for extensive configuration. copy running-config tftp example

Switch# copy runningconfig tftp: Hit enter# specify the TFTP ip address# specify the name of the confng file which you want it to be saved. Copying back is the same procedure except one command change. Switch# copy tftp: runningconfig. The detailed explanation with example is listed on the link pasted by Najaf. HTH. Regards. Inayath

Copy running config in one line. Cons: the ip source of the redirect is an private IP. 2 due this is a transit subnet. So no connectivity with the outgoing interface IP but connectivity with the managment subnet. as you can see below. sw# ping. 1 source vlan In order to get a router to copy the runningconfig to startupconfig, for example every Sunday at 23: 00, complete these steps: Create a kron policy listThis is the script that lists what commands the router should run at the scheduled time.copy running-config tftp example Re: Unable to Copy Running Config to TFTP Server Daniel Nov 2, 2017 4: 37 PM ( in response to Daniel ) Sorry if i wasted anyone's time but i've figured this out now i had to disable the other connections that my laptop was using.

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TFTP: Copying a customized command file to a switch (CLI) Using the copy tftp command with the showtech option provides the ability to copy a customized command file to the switch. When the show tech custom command is executed, the commands in the custom file are executed instead of the hardcoded list of commands. copy running-config tftp example copy running config file to the TFTP server Hi. I have switch HP ProCurve 2910al 48g and would like to copy running config file to the TFTP server from the putty command line (SSH). For example, to upload the current startup configuration to a file named sw2910 in the configs directory on drive Command. Copy Runningconfig TFTP. Use. This command lets you backup your running configuration to a remote TFTP server. Syntax. Router# copy runningconfig tftp. Example. In the below example the running configuration is copied to a TFTP server. When I copy the runningconfig from an edge switch to my tftp server for backup purposes, am I getting more configuration information than what is shown in a show runningconfig display output? For example, the VTP configuration. The following example uploads a copy of the running configuration file to a TFTP server. device# copy runningconfig tftp. 26 copyrun

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