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DCRM(B) to the rescue with a new rule use [blank in square brackets actually codifies what those in the know have been doing for years plenty of examples in ESTC So this is what the title area would look like for our example Example of a change in rule transcription of misprints three possibilities: [sic, [i. e. followed by the correction or, if letters missing, supplied in square brackets Here is an example whereThe new edition will be called Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Books), or DCRM(B). Related manuals for other formats under the DCRM umbrella are in process: DCRM(S), for rare serials and DCRM(M) for rare music. dcrm b examples

Policy and Support Office. II. Descriptive cataloging of rare books. III. Title. IV. Title: DCRM(B) Z695. 74. U54 2007 025. 3416dc22 The front cover image is taken from leaf I of Jacob de Voragines The golden legend, translated into

Example 78. Fowler Previous example Illustrations Title page DCRM(B) home Next example 100 1# a Fowler, Edward, d. 245 14 a The great wickedness Provide signature statements for machinepress books, when present and described according to DCRM(B). Provide full statements of extent and signature statements in notes for individual volumes of multivolume sets.dcrm b examples For pre1800 singlesheet publications, the Rare Book Team will use DCRM(B), specifically rules 1G (title and statement of responsibility), 5B14 and 5D4 (physical description). For post1800 singlesheet publications, it is the cataloger's discretion which set of rules to use, AACR2 or DCRM(B).

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Examples to Accompany Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Books) is available for free, without a subscription, via Catalogers Desktop from the Library of Congress. However, in order to utilize the hyperlinks to the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data and the DCRM(B) rules from within the examples, a subscription to Catalogers Desktop is required. dcrm b examples

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