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The resource document Determining Community Readiness offered a set of key factors and players whose presence is crucial to the future success of education transformation efforts, as well as others that will influence the right approach to those efforts. One framework that can effectively help to uncover this infrastructure is Community Resource Mapping.Community Resource Mapping: Procedures and Examples Time, Materials, and Skills Needed Two to three hours should be allowed to produce and analyze a community resource map and to ensure that a full discussion occurs with local analysts. Markers and large sheets of paper are required. Notebookspaper and pens are needed community resource map example

Educational Organizations. While many people may overlook them when considering examples of community resources, schools, colleges and other educational institutions are funded by local communities through tax revenue and run by groups of individuals elected by the community.

action resource that unites community voices, rigor In Participatory Asset Mapping, community members specifically identify community assets. community Assets include citizen associations and local institutions. in Appendix A highlights one example of an organiza Community resource mapping is best noted as a systembuilding process used by many different groups at many different stages in order to align resources and policies in relation to specific system goals, strategies, and expected resource map example A4. Creating a Community Resource List2 What is resource mapping? Identifying community resources, also known as resource mapping, is a strategy for improving services to communities. It can be achieved by compiling a list of resources andor by mapping The following are examples of community resources as they might be listed in the local

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A Community Resource Map Art Activity Students examine what resources, in the form of services and facilities, are available to them in their community. They develop a resource map to summarize what they have learned. WHAT YOU NEED. Examples of resource maps Photocopies of a map, enough for each group community resource map example Identifying Community Assets and Resources. Chapter 3 Sections. Section 1. Developing a Plan for Assessing Local Needs and Resources and attract new businesses and other opportunities to your community. In both this example and the ones just above, you are using existing assets to create new ones. Another excellent resource that makes

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