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Examples. The following example shows how to use the Create a connectionn string element and add it to the connection strings section. static ConnectionStrings() Get the application configuration file.Configuring ASP. NET Development Server to connect to a postgres database. Passwordtest share improve this answer. edited Nov 23 '18 at 7: 07. fredyfx. 368 6 15. answered Feb 13 '09 at 5: 18. kementeus kementeus. connectionstringsettings providername example

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Public Property ProviderName As String Property Value. String String String String. The ProviderName property. Examples. The following example shows how to use the ProviderName property. Console. WriteLine( Provider Name: 0 , cs. ProviderName); Console. WriteLine( Provider Name: 0 , cs. ProviderName) May 13, 2009 The providerName attribute is used to set the name of the. NET Framework data provider that the DataSource control uses to connect to an underlying data source. If no provider is set, the default is the ADO. NET provider for Microsoft SQL Server.connectionstringsettings providername example Each add element has three important bits: and providerName. name is obvious, this is the name of the connection. connectionString is also obvious, this is the connection string.

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Apr 27, 2011  Monday, October 13, 2008 5: 16 AM 3. Instantiate the with the New keyword (is a Class) or another example: string connectionKey dbConnection ; the retrieve of connectionstringsettings providername example Removes the specified object from the collection. Initializes a new instance of a class. Examples. The following example shows how to create a object and add it to a I can read the connectionstrings from config file however I need to get the element name that is associated with connection string Example add Using VistaDB with ADO. NET Common Operations using Any ADO. NET Provider. In this example the command is being used to execute a simple TSQL insert. It improves on the previous example by using a parameterized TSQL statement and ADO. NET Parameters to pass data. using (DbConnection connection

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