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2020-02-22 06:01

The example of you link to is from the Apache Axis 1. x Ant tasks project. This is a different than the one from the AntContrib project. As manouti says, the AntContrib doesn't support nested param elements. Instead, the id of a can be passed to the and the can reference the id.Tutorial: Tasks using Properties, Filesets& Paths. filesets, dirsets and filelists. This is why AntContrib [4 task is modified to support paths instead of filesets. So we want that, too. parameters, nested elements, (maybe return codes) and (most important: ) examples; parameters are listed in a table with columns for ant foreach param example

MacroDef. Since Apache Ant 1. 6. Description. Parameters specified as nested elements attribute. This is used to specify attributes of the new task. The values of the attributes get substituted into the templated task. The attributes will be required attributes unless a default value has been set. The following example defined a task

Using foreach. Hi I'm trying get all files from a directory and print it to the screen. And I only want to print the name of the file, not with the path and filename. My code looks like this: Try task from antcontrib instead of. The task takes advantage of Ant macro facility that came later. It works faster and is more flexible than the older task. You are in the same project context when using. That means properties setant foreach param example Call a target foreach entry in a set of parameters based on a fileset. For Axis development; there is no support or stability associated with this task If true, forks the ant invocation. boolean: inheritall: If true, pass all properties to the new Ant project. Defaults to true. boolean:

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This task is the same as the task, except that it uses a nested sequential for each iteration; and it implements an additional keepgoing attribute. makes use of ant's macrodef task, so the @ notation is used for parameter substition. This task only works for ant version greater than or equal to ant ant foreach param example The foreach task iterates over a list, a list of paths, or both. If both, list and paths, are specified, the list will be evaluated first. Nested paths are evaluated in the order they appear in the task. Now i need a foreach loop in ant that reads all 4 files at same time for the first line in each file and stores the values accordingly as 4 different properties. This way for every single iteration of loop i can refer to a target where i can pass these properties for target execution. As you can see in the above code one parameter I passed from foreach is some. location. Now I want to pass another argument dest. dir which i have used in second last line of the above code. So, how do I pass multiple parameters ( some. location and dest. dir in my case), to copynow target from the foreach I have defined in my above code. I saw an example as follows in the ant webpage But this does'nt work for my piece of code. Please suggest some solution to avoid writing the absolute or Grokbase Groups Ant user July 2004

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