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What is the scope of Flexible Real Estate Management? Management of real estate. The dual view of master data (architectural view and usage view) lets you easily create and manage all types of real estate objects (business entity, land, building, rental unit, rental space, rental room).8 RE Real Estate Management 8. 1 Migration from Classic RE to REFX (New) Use As of SAP ECC Enterprise Extension Financials 6. 0 (EAFIN 600), you can migrate your Classic RE data to Flexible Real Estate Management (REFX). sap real estate management ppt

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Purpose. Land use management in Flexible Real Estate Management (REFX) integrates your companys internal view with the public and legal view of land management. You can depict land registers, parcels and other public registers, link to other master data objects, set The SAP Real Estate Management rapiddeployment solution is a preconfigured software solution based on SAPs best practices for SAP Real Estate Management that offers rapid delivery using SAP Consultings proven real estate management ppt SAP REAL ESTATE. Acquistion Management Disposal Commercial Real Estate Management Technical Facilities Management Infrastructural Facilities Management Sales Support solutions Support processes.

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Goals. The participants learn detailed configuration settings for selected processes within SAP Real Estate Management (Flexible Real Estate), and become familiar with best practices on how to use REFX for their business needs. sap real estate management ppt Built on SAP Cloud Platform and powered by inmemory technology, this modern corporate real estate management solution has two key modules: Location Management and Contract and Lease Management. Explore the features and benefits of each. SAP Real Estate Manage ment enables close collaboration between the lease administrator, lease accountant and fixed asset accountant. They access the same lease record, with all calculations being based on the terms and conditions of the abstracted lease. SAP REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT (REFX) New Leasing Standards at a Glance Peter Tabone Principal Consultant. Real. World. INTEGRATED LEASING SCENARIO FOR REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 7 Contract Management MultiGAAP Posting Valuation and Classification (Change Management) Upgrade SAP Systems SAP Lease Contract Management installation DESCRIPTION. SAP Real Estate Management. 22 2011. SAP Real Estate Management. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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